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Socket Spigot Reducing Tee with Flanged Branch

Socket Spigot Reducing Tee with Flanged Branch

AS PER EN598 Internal sulphate-resisting cement mortar lining comply with ISO4179, external Zinc coating (min.130g/m2) according to ISO8179 + red expoxy painting (min.70μm) according to BS3416. Flange drilling EN1092-2, PN10/PN16/PN25/PN40.

  • Product Description
Lining Selection:

As per the corrosivity of delivered water, anti-corrosion linings of the ductile iron pipes and fittings can be divided into three categories:

* Standard lining: Applicable for most raw water and portable water;

* Reinforced anti-corrosion lining: Applicable for water which can attack ordinary cement (soft water, slightly acidic water or highly abrosive water);

* Special lining: Applicable for very special cases or corrosive water (e.g. industrial discharged water).

Lining material
Standard lining Portland cement mortar lining
Enhanced lining High-alumina cement mortar lining
Sulphur resistant cement mortar lining
Cement mortar lining + seal coats
Special lining PU, ceramic epoxy lining

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