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Lifting of Ductile Iron Pipe

Lifting of Ductile Iron Pipe

Lifting of Ductile Iron pipe

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Lifting of Ductile Iron pipes

The crane or forklift is available for lifting, where special hooks shall be applied, as shown in Figure 1. The special hooks include steel hook covered by rubber, nylon strap or steel wire rope covered by rubber, so as not to damage the internal cement mortar lining and external protective coating, thus protecting coating of both sides.

If ductile iron pipes in loose (>DN300), special hook or lifting strap can be used to lift one or several ductile iron pipes each time, but if ductile iron pipes packed in bundles(≤DN300), strap and special lifting tools shall be used to lift them from the bottom of whole bundle. It is prohibited to directly hook pipes or package strap so as to avoid packing distortion, breakage of package straps or bundle-off during lifting as following.

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