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T-Type Joint Ductile Iron Pipe

T-Type Joint Ductile Iron Pipe

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  • Product Description

Sealing Principle Structure of T-type Joint

During joint installation, the external spigot is extruded on the rubber ring inside the socket. The compression deformation can generate a certain degree of contact pressure. And it is the so-called self-sealing action of the rubber ring that keeps the joint tight. The self sealing effect means, when the rubber ring is under the fluid pressure, the actual contact pressure on the rubber ring is the sum of the contact pressure of the pre-compressed rubber ring and the new contact pressure on the rubber ring brought by the fluid pressure. Since the contact pressure is higher than the fluid pressure, so that the joint is well tightened.

Joint Features:

The joint features simple structure, easy installation and sound sealing performance. The positioning of sealing ring and deflection of joint are taken into consideration during socket structure design. By controlling the insertion depth of the spigot, the joint can have certain axial flexibility. Therefore this type of joint is able to adapt to certain foundation settlement, while long-distance deflection of pipeline can be achieved through its deflection angle, The rubber ring consists of two parts, the hard rubber and soft rubber. The hard rubber can support and align the pipe joints, and greater thrust is needed during installation. T-type Joint is unable to prevent pipe slippage, therefore the concrete blocks to resist the axial forces should be set at the bend of pipeline, or certain length of self-anchored joint ductile iron pipe should be laid.

Application Field:

Water supply (potable water, sewage, etc.) Pipeline; Underground/overground laying, and the pipe laying slope does not exceed 20% (overground laying) or 25% (underground laying).

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