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ISO2531 Ductile Iron Pipe K9

ISO2531 Ductile Iron Pipe K9

Product: Ductile Iron Pipe Joint: Push-on joint Size: DN80-2600 Effective length: 6m or 5.7m Standard: ISO2531 Class: K9 Lining: Portland Cement Mortar Lining External coating: Zinc + Bitumen Packing: DN100-DN300 in bundles; DN350-DN2600 in bulk. Rubber ring: EPDM, SBR or NBR

  • Product Description

Basic information of pipe:

1Type:The T-type Joint Pipe (Push-on)
The K-type Joint Pipe
The Self-Restrained Joint Pipes
2Standard:ISO2531, EN545, EN598, GOST5525
4Material:Ductile Cast Iron
5Pressure:50Bar- 10Bar
6Wall Thickness Class:K9, K8, C40/C30/C25
7Length:6m for bulk vessel and 5.7m for containers
8Application:Water supply project, drainage, sewage, irrigation, water pipeline
9Certificate:ISO9001, BV, WRAS, SGS
10Internal Coating:a). Portland cement mortar lining
b). Sulphate Resistant cement mortar lining
c). High-Aluminum cement mortar lining
d). Fusion bonded epoxy coating
e). Black bitumen painting or epoxy painting
f). other special requirement like PU Lining
11External Coating:a). zinc +bitumen painting
b). Fusion bonded epoxy coating
c). Zinc-aluminum alloy + liquid epoxy painting
d). other special requirement like PU coating
12Packing:Bundles for small size≤DN300 ; in bulk for bigger size>DN300
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