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PU Lining Double Socket Bend

PU Lining Double Socket Bend

We provide EN598 double socket bend and ISO2531 double socket bend, if you need, welcome to contact us to know more.

  • Product Description
Polyurethane/PU lining:

Applicable standards for PU lining of ductile iron pipe is BS EN 15655

PU lining of ductile iron pipe and fitting is formed by the PU material sprayed and cured on the surface of pipe/fitting bodies that is bi-component, solvent-free system. This kind of lining has excellent anti-corrosion performance and wearing resistance, as well as high impact resistance specific to various transmission mediums (such as portable water, wastewater, softened water, municipal sewage, and industrial wastewater), which is applicable to all water supply projects and municipal sewage drainage projects from soft water to hard water.

Application fields:

Ductile iron pipes and fittings with PU linings can be used to deliver water as follows:

* All types of portable water, sewage water with PH 1~13 and industrial water.

* Soft water or pure water, such as water desalted from seawater.

* Maximum temperature of the substances transmitted by such lining is 45℃.

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  • Product Features
Polyurethane/PU lining:

* As a passive anti-corrosion coating, the effectiveness of PU lining depends on its sustainability, adhesion and stability over time.

* Continuity and sealing performances of PU linings: Holiday test must be conducted for each ductile iron pipe with PU lining under the testing voltage of 6kV, which is higher than 4kV as specified in BS EN 15655, so as to guarantee the sustainability of PU linings.

* PU lining can provide excellent adhesion, it requires that it shall be no less than 11Mpa under 23℃ ;

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